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Master of Sports in Bench Press, prize winner of bodybuilding and fitness competitions, fitness coach, owner of a fitness studio and our friend Anatoliy Goryachev shares the impressive results of his 60-day training challenge and his thoughts on this experience.⠀

On day 1, 28 and 57 I did a full body screening with the help of the MS FIT kiosk by Medicalsoft. Here are my stats for the 60 days:⠀

  • number of trainings — 34 (weights, functional, etc., without cardio)⠀
  • hours of cardio — 25 hours on the elliptical. I haven’t included bicycle rides and other activities in my diary⠀
  • total amount of fat lost — 6,3 kg 🔥⠀
  • muscles gained — 4 kg 💪🏻⠀
  • amount of fat at the start — 13%⠀
  • final amount of fat — 5,6% (was planning to have 8%, overachieved here a bit)⠀
  • deficit from day 1 to day 28 — 700 kсal (was losing about 90 grams of fat per day)⠀
  • deficit from day 28 to day 58 — 1000 kсal (was losing about 130 grams of fat per day)⠀
  • calories: I didn’t count dietary calories below 1 kcal; within the range of 2800-3000 I knew for sure that I would have deficit considering my menu and activity level.⠀
  • My diet

I try to stick to this very simple principle: Food shouldn’t be complicated.  When I see a slice of meat, I know I’m eating meat. When I see an apple, I know I’m eating an apple. When I see frozen burgers from the store – I don’t know what I’m about to eat. You get the point.⠀

  • Willpower⠀

I’ve never had problems with discipline both in food and in trainings.⠀

How do I do it?

I clearly understand that any violations, be it the menu or the training process, make the time needed for reaching my goal significantly longer.⠀

Breaking the rules from time to time is demoralizing, and staying strong and confident is the most important thing. So, I’d rather do the work quickly and efficiently and will be proud of myself, rather than back pedal and kick myself for being weak.⠀

We wish everyone to be as strong and motivated as Anatoliy. And Medicalsoft is there for you to give you the technological means for monitoring your progress!

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