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MS FIT Portable

Portable Fitness Assessment System


A portable version of our MS FIT touch screen kiosk for integrated assessment of a person’s fitness indicators with the opportunity to develop detailed recommendations for an individual fitness program

Advantages of MS FIT Portable

FAST: Measurements take only 60 sec

ACCURATE: Accuracy proven by extensive testing

MOBILE: Light, compact and easily transportable device

EASY TO USE: Intuitive and user-friendly interface

UNIVERSAL: Great solution both for professional and personal use


  • Segmental Body Composition Assessment
  • Microcirculation Assessment
  • Cardio Assessment
  • Stress and Fatigue Assessment
  • Vertebral Load Assessment
  • Comprehensive Wellness Score Assessment

Measurement time: 60 seconds


  • USB connectable box
  • Digital USB connectable pulse oximeter
  • Tetrapolar stainless steel hands platform with built-in sensors to determine heart rate, galvanic skin response and bioimpedance
  • Tetrapolar stainless steel feet platform with built-in sensors to determine galvanic skin response and bioimpedance
  • 4 lead cables for the hands
  • 4 lead cables for the feet
  • USB cable
  • MS FIT Software x 2 licenses
  • Transport bag

Additional requirements: Microsoft tablet or personal computer (vertical screen required)