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Proper nutrition is the basis of human health. But how do we choose from a vast number of methods of nutrition the one that is suitable for each specific client?

The method of weight correction, depending on the data obtained in the study using our device, takes into account individual characteristics and is designed to be used for a long time – months and years.

The only way to sort through all the contradictory statements is to know the composition of the body and its needs. Everything that we eat affects the metabolic processes in the body, and if we know specific parts or areas of the body suffering from the lack of food elements, and in what cases their excess is no longer considered the norm, we can explain to our clients how they should eat – that is, the way they should use food to create such a balance of metabolism that the body will achieve and maintain ideal weight. Your clients will understand what they need to eat so as not to rush from hunger to excess weight. They will also understand what their bodies need to get maximum energy and achieve beautiful shape.


The recommended daily calories are calculated based on the level of the main exchange and taking into account the daily physical activity indicated at the beginning of the study. It may be slightly increased if there is a need to adjust the weight in the direction of the weight gain, or it may be reduced in the case of an overweight body.


Upon completion of the analysis, the client receives information about his/her daily energy consumption, as well as nutritional recommendations, structured as follows:

  • Recommended products
  • Not recommended products
  • Regimen
  • Cooking methods
  • Microadditives
  • Nutrition tips
  • Products combinations

The automatic diet recommendations module is available in all our products. In the kiosk version, we can also see the fat tissue distribution and the visceral fat level. The cross-analysis allows our clients to assess the acid-base balance. It is important to remember that this conclusion does not exclude a medical examination.

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