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The cardio score provides invaluable information about the work of the cardiovascular system.

A 3D image of the heart and its arteries gives us an idea of the degree of blood supply to the myocardium, which, depending on the situation, can be good, medium or bad.

When calculating the load before training and choosing a set of procedures, the level of blood supply to the heart can play a crucial role. Typically, such clients are aware of the presence of certain cardiac pathologies, and this image helps them to remember this, which is further taken into account when drawing up an individual program.

With proper selection of therapy, diet and level of physical activity, changes in the client’s hemodynamics will not be long in coming, and this very fact should be communicated to the client during each session to stimulate their motivation and commitment to systematic exercises.

We are planning to make a series of posts about what our equipment can measure and how it can benefit a fitness and wellness facility. Stay tuned!

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