MS PRO Portable

Portable system for functional body state assessment


A portable version of the MS PRO touch screen kiosk with integrated Multiscan PRO hardware and software complex of functional state assessment.

MS PRO Portable can be used as a screening system for the initial examination of a patient. It is a compact and mobile device that can be used in various conditions and situations.


  • Segmental Body Composition Assessment
  • Microcirculation Assessment
  • Cardio Assessment
  • Stress and Fatigue Assessment
  • Vertebral Load Assessment
  • Comprehensive Wellness Score Assessment
  • Disease Screening
  • Lab Test Results

Measurement time: 2-6 minutes


  • USB connectable box
  • Digital USB connectable pulse oximeter
  • Tetrapolar stainless steel hands platform with built-in sensors to determine heart rate, galvanic skin response and bioimpedance
  • Tetrapolar stainless steel feet platform with built-in sensors to determine galvanic skin response and bioimpedance
  • 4 lead cables for the hands
  • 4 lead cables for the feet
  • USB cable
  • MS PRO Software x 2 licenses
  • Transport bag

Additional requirements: Microsoft tablet or personal computer (vertical screen required)

General Wellness Device       ISO 13485:2016