What is a fitness assessment and what is it for?

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Monitoring your training results, assessing your functional reserve, learning about possible risk factors – all this is important for professional athletes as well as for people concerned about their wellness and physique, for those who want to do fitness and sports that require increased physical exertion.

To get a classic fitness testing you would have to spend a lot of your time and money on visiting several doctors and specialists. With our innovative development, MS FIT touch screen kiosk, you can now get a fitness assessment of 64 physiological indicators within just 60 seconds.

What is included in the MS FIT fitness assessment:

✔️ segmental body composition

✔️ microcirculation score

✔️ cardio score

✔️ stress and fatigue score

✔️ segmental vertebral load assessment

✔️ detailed recommendations on an individual fitness and wellness program

✔️ diet and nutrition advice

Contact us to learn more about our equipment, book a demo, make an order, or discuss cooperation:

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e-mail: info@medicalsoft.com
feedback form: http://usa.medicalsoft.com/contacts/

Important: MS FIT should not be used instead of the existing medical devices and examinations. This device is intended for use as a product aimed at general health improvement.

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